The TOPS Identity Project (TIP)


The TOPS program has enriched and enhanced science classroom experiences for Los Angeles area students for over 20 years. TOPS trains and equips teachers with advanced labs that improve student assessment scores in biology, physics, chemistry, and middle schools sciences by 5-17%! After successfully showing that TOPS improves student understanding, the TOPS Identity Project (TIP) places a new focus on student identity.

The purpose of this project is to foster and grow student interest in the STEM field. TIP encourages TOPS students to see themselves as scientists while showing off the advanced scientific knowledge TOPS provides through sharing their TOPS experiences on social media.

TIP is currently expanding the program from the initial 3 schools to include more schools in the project. The images above are from the pilot program started with a biotechnology class at Crescenta Valley High School during the summer of 2016. The students were captured practicing real science that they were encouraged to share with their friends, family, and followers on social media using the hashtag #topsbiotech! The videos below are from the same class.

These images were captured with participant and parental consent. Images were captured in a real classroom where safety procedures and precautions were taken at the instructors discretion. Any questions about TIP images should be directed to the TOPS office.