Chris Craney


Chris founded the TOPS program in 1992, and he now oversees the general operation of the various TOPS programs. He is also the Chair of the Biochemistry Department, and Professor of Chemistry at Occidental College.


Luis de la Cruz

Luis conducts the TOPS van visits, prepares and delivers TOPS kits, and oversees the TOPS weekend and summer seminars.


Patty Compeau


Patty is a retired Biology teacher, TOPS enthusiast, and working on a molecular Biology TOPS lab. In the meanwhile she is interacting with the TOPS website and coordinating lab programs for biology.



Robert De Groot

Robert facilitated the BioWeb program, which is currently on hold until funding is received. He has been involved with TOPS since 1992 and is a member of the original TOPS steering commitee.


April Mazzeo

April is one of the founding members of the TOPS program and an emeritus administrator.


Mairin Murphy

Mairin manages the TOPS website and assists with office communication and technical support.